Indoor tanning in Winona, MN

Getting ready for a vacation getaway, honeymoon, special event or just want to look your best with a beautiful, golden tan? Then our professional indoor tanning beds are for you. More and more of our clients are tanning indoors for convenience, speed, control and relaxation. Tanning not only makes you look your best, but feel your best!

At GQ Hairstyling and Tanning, you'll achieve the tan you desire while unwinding in comfort in one of our luxurious rooms, featuring state of the art equipment and the latest in the world of tanning. We offer a wide variety of services and equipment, including a large range of tanning beds, booths, sunless tanning and services as Collagen Red Light anti-aging therapy and Infrared Body Contouring Wrap.

Our courteous staff will answer any questions and will offer a personal consultation for each customer, helping you find an ideal tanning plan or service that will suit your individual needs.

Whether you are a frequent tanner or an occasional one, we are committed to providing you with the best customer service and a spa like environment that makes it an experience you will look forward to each and every time.

The Norvell System - More than just a spray tan...

Only the uninformed pay big "city" prices to get a tan !! GQ's Super Sonic is the strongest sun bed in Winona and the Norvell Auto Revolution is the best spray tan in Winona.

Regular Tanning Beds

Morning Special(8am - 1pm) $3.75
Single Session(After 1pm) $5.00
5 Sessions(no expiration) $19.95
10 Sessions(no expiration) $34.95
30 Day Unlimited $29.95

Mega Tanning Beds

Single Session $5.55
Monthly Limited(15 tans/30days) $42.95
5 Sessions(no expiration) $24.95
10 Sessions(no expiration) $44.95
*Mega Beds are suggested for advanced tanners

High Pressure

Single Session $12.00
5 Sessions(no expiration) $55.00
10 Sessions(no expiration) $100.00
*High Pressure(Guaranteed No Burn)

Spray Tan

Regular Spray Tan $15.00
Venetian (Darker Tan) $20.00
Regular Unlimted $39.95 
Venetian Unlimted $49.95