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GQ Hairstyling in Winona, MN

We are a full-service salon for men and women. We offer not only haircuts and hair color, but also tanning services, Fit Body Wrap & Massage Chair therapy. In today’s society, men and women are more conscientious and aware of how they want their hair to look, and also the proper care of their skin. They would like to be able to come into a salon that is committed to providing these services.

Our salon is located in the Winona Mall and is easy to get to Just off of Hwy 61. Ample parking so you can park right up in front. Inside, you’ll find the atmosphere bright, modern, and fresh. Not too small, not too large, just a nice place to spend an hour or two getting your business done.

Relax with coffee or get a few things done in the meantime with our free WiFi. Booking an appointment is fast and easy by calling us at (507) 454-1580.

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